Prenatal Edition


This program highlights the four nourishing categories that are important ways to invest in your pregnancy.

Explore your movement with exercises for hip stability, back support and body mobility. Each of these exercise videos are tailored towards safe and gentle prenatal movement. Balance and support hormones with Qigong exercises and learn the Jade Woman Qigong form that has helped numerous clients enjoy their pregnancy.

What to expect from the Prenatal Online Program?

  • 1 Qigong Movement videos

  • 2 Movement Exercise videos

  • 2 Self-care Treatment videos

  • Lifestyle video

  • Meditation Audio download

  • Prenatal Nutritional Guide

Postpartum Edition


Why is postpartum care so important?

What you do postpartum can shape how you heal, age and change into your later seasons of womanhood. Self-care after baby can also affect your immune system, regulate your hormones and even determine how you will age later on. Did you know postpartum care can have a long term effect on how you go through menopause? It is astonishing how simple lifestyle shifts that can alter how we view the body's ability to heal, nurture and age.

What to expect from the Postpartum Online Program?

  • 4 Movement Exercise videos

  • 3 Self-care Treatment videos

  • Nourishing Woman Qigong video

  • Lifestyle videos

  • Postpartum nutritional guide


Body401k_Spring logo.png


Need help investing in your body's wellness?

Help is on it's way!

We are currently working on the Seasonal Membership program where you will receive weekly content on Movement, Self-care, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Bring Body401k into your daily practice as you learn tips and tools for how to eat, exercise, think and live your way towards longevity. A tailored program that will give you options in YOUR journey of health.

Release Date: December 2019

Awareness ACADEMY


The Awareness Academy continues the Body401k lecture series as a four-module movement-based online program.

Furthering the conversation with longevity lessons, this program covers:

  • Mental wellness, body maintenance, balanced movement, and routine-building skills

  • Audio downloads, movement labs, exercise and self-care videos, and end-of-module challenges

  • Encouraging smart, safe and balance movement to maintain a healthy, long and pain-free life