Prenatal Online Program

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This program highlights the four nourishing categories that are important ways to invest in your pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy with these tips and tools to make this time on your life comfortable, fascinating and valued.

Explore your movement with exercises for hip stability, back support and body body mobility. Each of these exercise videos are tailored towards safe and gentle prenatal movement. Balance and support hormones with Qigong exercises and learn the Jade Woman Qigong form that has helped numerous clients enjoy their pregnancy.

Treat the body well with self-care videos highlighting acupressure points for nausea, hemorrhoids, indigestion, heartburn and stress. Learn how to care for the body with self-massage tips that are provided in this program for the lower body. You’ll also get the celebrated Foot Treatment video that many use beyond their pregnancies.

Daily moving tips are shared in the lifestyle videos that help you move smart and safe throughout your pregnancy. In addition to the lifestyle video that supports pregnancy movement, preparation for labor is also important. You’ll receive a meditation mp3 download that serves as a gentle guide towards the birth of your child.

Balanced nutrition is vital to a healthy pregnancy, baby and postpartum recovery. While you celebrate in indulging in fun foods, this Prenatal Nutritional Guide gives delicious recipes that are nutrient-dense and packed with protein and healthy fats.


  • 1 Qigong Movement Video

  • 2 Movement Exercise Videos

  • 1 Self-Care Treatment Videos

  • Lifestyle video

  • Nutritional Guide