Postpartum Online Program

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Postpartum health is essential but the conversation is often lost among baby talk. After having a baby, a woman loses so much Qi and blood that under any other circumstances, she would take great effort to get the body back into balance. However when caring for a baby, self-care is not the priority. In fact, much of the next few months (or years) can seem like pure survival.


Why is postpartum care so important?

What you do postpartum can shape how you heal, age and change into your later seasons of womanhood. Self-care after baby can also affect your immune system, regulate your hormones and even determine how you will age later on. Did you know postpartum care can have a long term effect on how you go through menopause? It is astonishing how simple lifestyle shifts that can alter how we view the body’s ability to heal, nurture and age.

The Postpartum Program highlights the four nourishing categories that are important ways to invest in your postpartum healing experience. However you find time, where ever you can, take a moment to enjoy these tips and tools that have supported many mother’s after the birth of their child.

In this program, you’ll learn Chinese Medicine postpartum healing traditions that are easy to follow and beneficial to your body. Receive easy easy yet effective ancient recipes that mother’s have been consuming for centuries to help nourish and support the postpartum body.

Explore your ‘new’ body with safe and smart movement tailored around postpartum healing and rehabilitation. By learning how to move slow and smart, you will better understand your body’s ability and know when to begin exercising again. This program will help support you with both rehabilitation movement and evidence-based corrective exercises to get you feeling strong and energized.

Relieve sore back and open up the chest with the online self-massage videos, explore lifestyle tips to save you from painful postural habits, and much more!

What to expect from the Postpartum Online Program?

  • 4 Movement Exercise videos

  • 3 Self-care Treatment videos

  • Nourishing Woman Qigong video

  • 2 Lifestyle videos

  • Postpartum Nutritional Guide