Movement Meant for You

"Bamboo Bodies® applies Chinese Medicine to Group Fitness through internal energy training, Qigong, and balance. Like bamboo, the body needs to be strong and pliable. Rejuvenate and recondition yourself in this challenging but zen workout."

Just like bamboo, our movement should be balanced and supported in our structure. In this strength conditioning class, rejuvenate and recondition the body through Qigong and corrective exercises. Better your balance and discover internal energy training with focused movement and breath, barefoot work, weight-bearing exercises and self-massage.

Discover internal energy training through this Five Element workout.

This class will challenge what you think you know about your body as we move to explore your strengths and mindfulness in your movement.

In addition to Bamboo Bodies®, Angi has created a Bamboo Bodies® Restorative class focusing specifically on self-care through Qigong massage and routines. Bamboo Bodies® also offers classes tailored towards prenatal, postpartum, and senior movement.

  • I enjoy the physical challenges in the Bamboo Bodies class, which leaves me feeling strong and balanced. Angi’s knowledge of the human anatomy is impressive
    — Sheri, 41 years old
  • Bamboo Bodies philosophy on balanced strength and mobility has helped me train for marathons. I'm learning to move move functionally and though the class is challenging, I know I'll perform smarter during my races.
    — Greg, 39 years old
  • Bamboo Bodies Restore has helped me with improving my flexibility and range of motion, increasing my body awareness and recovery after exercise
    — Dru, 33 years old
  • Wow! After that first class, the pain in my back was gone--and the simple techniques and were easy to repeat at home and while traveling.
    — Dawn, 55 years old
  • I have just begun training for my 3rd marathon and I know that I would not be able to keep up the training schedule if I wasn't taking the Bamboo Bodies classes.
    — Katherine, 40 years old