Awareness Academy


The Body401k 4-part lecture series is designed to educate and encourage employees to make changes in their lifestyle, mindset and body care.

Benefits include:

  • Personalized lessons to help employees address self-care, movement, mental wellness and self-accountability
  • Teaching hand-on methods to immediately relieve tension, stress and pain
  • Happier, healthier and more productive employees

The Body401k 4-part lecture series is designed to educate and encourage employees to make changes in their lifestyle, mindset and body care.

Furthering the conversation with longevity lessons, this program covers:

  • Mental wellness, body maintenance, balanced movement, and routine-building skills
  • Audio downloads, movement labs, exercise and self-care videos, and end-of-module challenges
  • Encouraging smart, safe and balance movement to maintain a healthy, long and pain-free life
  • I am trying to take better care of myself and this Program's guided routines has helped me transform my life!
    — Lisa, 34 years old
  • If it weren’t for Awareness Academy, I would have spent thousands of dollars on gimmicks and quick-fixes; instead, I learned I have options at home for healing!
    — Pam, 35 years old
  • This program taught me how to heal my body with my own two hands.
    — Diane, 49 years old
  • Awareness Academy has helped a lot with the recovery of a 40 hour work week. This program has helped me feel more confident going from 'desk to gym', I have learned how to stay moderately active ALL DAY.
    — Chris, 44 years old

Module 1 I Mentality Awareness

Opening up your mind to self-awareness requires that you maintain accountability for your health, which begins with the way you think. In understanding your mentality towards your health, you learn about YOUR body, YOUR wants, YOUR needs and YOUR wishes for health.

  • Understanding how powerful the mind is as you link the connection of mind-body health.
  • How mind has power to change reality. Learn how to rewire the brain and let go of old ideas of health.
  • Discovering the mind-body connection that breath can offer as you make a mental shift.
  • Mentality towards options and increasing knowledge and choice in self-care.

Module 2 I Maintenance Awareness

You will learn how to balance your body with self-awareness and self-care and will learn why maintenance and balance are necessary for a long, healthy and happy life.

  • Awareness of your mentality towards self-care.
  • Why balance is part of maintaining the body.
  • Taking action in your health by learning options and methods of self-maintenance.
  • Understanding your body’s needs and becoming more body aware.

Module 3 I Movement Awareness

In this overview of Longevity Lessons we'll discuss misconceptions many have when defining movement. You will also discover what movement can do for you, and how you can move to move forever.

  • How we can redefine movement within the Fitness and Wellness world.
  • How your movement can be harmful and how to correct these bad habits.
  • Ways to move smart and safe as you learn the tips and tools for balanced movement.
  • How to prepare for the movement labs with a conscious intention to learn and explore your body’s ability.

Module 4 I Routine Awareness

Starting a new routine isn’t easy. After a moment’s surge of determination and hope, we can easily feel lost and unmotivated to carry on with a healthy routine. In this Module, you will be given motivational lessons and tools to help hold yourself accountable as you learn how to strategize new habits that work best for you!

  • Breaking the Rules while bending the habits so you can feel empowered in your daily routine
  • Motivate yourself by learning the value of the moment, not giving up, and no comparisons
  • Create a new routine by formulating a strategy that makes new habits work for you
  • To be or not to be accountable? Learn how committing to commitment is a learned process.

Module 5 I Bonus

As we begin to come to a close, there’s one last lesson to take away as you. Moderation and modification. These two wise words are lessons that will aid you in body longevity as you continue to grow in your awareness of the mind, body, and inner self. By embracing your awareness, you are giving yourself the opportunity for health, happiness and fullness in life.

  • 2 extra guided meditations
  • 2 extra Maintenance/self-care videos
  • 2 extra Movement videos