About Body401k

Body401k approaches movement from a holistic perspective. If you truly want to invest in yourself, it’s important to find balance in the multiple elements of health. This is why we incorporate the following in our philosophy.

Chinese Medicine




Holistic Nutrition



Body401k teaches you about pain-free movement through these various platforms

Live Workshops

Tips and tools through ideologies of Western medicine, Chinese philosophy and movement in specialized workshops.

Online Programs

Bring Body401k into your home at anytime to utilize the special movement and lesson plans into your daily life.

Bamboo Bodies

Live classes that demonstrate how to cultivate energy rather than waste it.

One-on-One Sessions

Work with Angi through movement re-education, nutritional and lifestyle education. Receive a personalized holistic take home plan that will help you move pain-free.

  • An amazing program that helps our busy bodies perform better and recover better.
    — Rick, 42 years old
  • Body401k has been a wakeup call for me.
    — Lisa, 33 years old
  • I am thankful for Angi and her devotion to helping all of us feel better with a simple yet responsive technique. I travel extensively and this has certainly helped me ‘on the road’!
    — Lora, 60 years old
  • Angi has developed gentle and soothing techniques in her programs. Through Body401k I have learned how to help relieve pain and keep me moving with confidence.
    — Rachel, 50 years old