About Angi P. McClure

Angi’s innovative and witty approach to fitness is not your usual bootcamp, weight-loss, tone-up method of movement. Nor is it yoga. Angi incorporates Qigong exercises, neuro-based movement self-massage, and internal energy training to influence positive change in the body and mind. She teaches fitness with a balanced ideology of holistic wellness that anyone can relate to and enjoy. Her fun and innovative teaching manner helps get you moving and thinking differently. Angi focuses on smart, safe and balanced movement to keep you moving now and in the future.

“My fitness goal? I want to be 90 years old and capable of standing while putting on my underwear. It sounds funny, but if you’ve stopped tying your shoe laces while standing… you’ve already set the path towards how you’re going to move as you age.”

More about Angi

Angi is the creator and founder of Body401k®, the body longevity company and Bamboo Bodies® fitness classes. Body401k is a Movement-based Education Service that blends Chinese Medicine with fitness and lifestyle. Angi’s mission is to make people aware of the tools and options for balanced movement, self-care, nutrition and other healthy lifestyle choices.

Teaching under a Chinese Medicine Philosophy, Body401k® shifts your mentality to understanding the value of daily routine to support a long, healthy lifestyle. Through various workshop and online programs, you’ll learn a more holistic approach towards how you can better your life.

Angi’s innovative approach to fitness and health creates a balanced space for those searching for healing movement. Bamboo Bodies is a fitness class developed by Angi that guides you through seasonal movement to improve your immune system and increase mobility, while training the body for more functional day-to-day movement. The class incorporates medical Qigong healing movements and corrective exercises to become part of a challenging but zen workout.


A graduate from University of Montana, Angi continued her studies at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC where she studied bodywork and movement therapy. While attending school she taught fitness at various clubs and studios. After graduation, Angi received her classical Pilates certification apprenticing with physical therapists in a clinic for dancers. Angi's passion for movement continued with medical Qigong studies as she began integrating Chinese Medicine into her classes and private practice. Taking a deeper look into the neuro-mechanics of the human mind and movement, Angi studied applied movement neurology through ZHealth and AMN. Before her return to Montana, Angi completed her holistic nutrition counseling certification through The Wellspring School of Healing Arts.

Angi’s innovative approach to movement and lifestyle creates a balanced space for those searching for healing movement.

Invest in your health through Angi's Body401k website, www.body401k.com or seize an opportunity to take a Bamboo Bodies class. You can also make a private Movement Therapy appointment with Angi by contacting her at info@body401k.com.

  • Angi’s knowledge of the human anatomy is impressive.
    — Sheri, 41 years old
  • Angi taught me how to take my health back!
    — Caroline, 39 years old
  • Her enthusiasm encourages me to make better choices every day.
    — Mike, 67 years old
  • Angi understands the importance of continuing movement throughout your life.
    — Barbara, 55 years old