What is Body401k?


Incorporating a holistic approach towards pain-free movement, Body401k teaches you how to move forever through…


Chinese Medicine

Lifestyle and mindset blended with fundamental philosophy stemmed from traditional Chinese Medicine



Understand your body through neuro-based movement and Qigong



Qigong massage, breathwork and lifestyle routines can all reflect how you move through life



Build a beautiful and artful relationship with food to help your movement, attitude and energy levels


About Angi McClure

Angi’s innovative and witty approach to fitness is not your usual bootcamp, weight-loss, tone-up method of movement. Nor is it yoga. Angi incorporates Qigong exercises, neuro-based movement self-massage, and internal energy training to influence positive change in the body and mind. Angi is the creator and founder of Body401k®, the body longevity company and Bamboo Bodies® fitness classes.


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