Awareness Academy

Body longevity online program that teaches you how to move to move forever through mindset, self-care, movement and routine.

Appealing to anyone who:

  • Strives to be healthy.
  • Searching for healthier lifestyle.
  • Enjoys to learn at their own pace.

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Corporate Programs

An innovative way to bring health and wellness to the office. Make time for self-care and exercise at the workplace. It’s worth the investment.

This program offers a:

  • Healthy wellness alternative
  • Scalable growth plan
  • Variety of courses

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Bamboo Bodies

Live classes that demonstrates how to cultivate energy through Qigong and Corrective Exercise. Not a yoga class, no high-intensity routines. Just strong and balanced movement that will keep you moving forever.

This would be a great fit for you:

  • Aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy live classes
  • Appreciate a flexible schedule

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