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How Prepared Are You for Age?

| Body401k Blog, Movement, Self-care | No Comments

My dad would always ask us kids: “What are the 7 P’s?” My two brothers and I would shout: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!” Mom would always cringe and say, “Do they have to say the word ‘piss’?” We’d all giggle knowing we got away with an inappropriate word! But there’s truth to the 7 P’s as we age because eventually we can’t get away with much. Especially if we are not prepared. Many of us are no longer 16 years old. If you are, wow, thanks for being so young and reading this blog! Awesome. But for the rest of us oldies, our bodies are not only aging daily but we are not as active as we were once. Loss of strength and flexibility take affect in how we move as we age. It happens gradually but it can seem like it happens over night. All it…

Exercise Photo

Love How You Move

| Body401k Blog, Movement | No Comments

You know THAT guy at a wedding? The one who had too much to drink and decided that wearing his tie around his forehead actually looks good? This is the guy who is least likely to shake it, yet here he is rocking every move you’d see in a dance fitness class. And the best part? No shame. He’s got Shakira’s hips, JLo’s ability to drop it, and Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Actually he’s a hot mess; he’ll most likely look back on this moment tomorrow and cringe, but in the moment…he’s LOVING IT. How often do you move like THAT guy and LOVE it? No matter what you look like, how stiff you think you are, how slow you move, or how awkward it may seem, LOVE your movement. I rarely ‘exercise’ because I LOVE to move! Click To Tweet A recent study found those who viewed movement as exercise…


SUMMER SMASH! Great breakfast recipe for longevity.

| Body401k Blog, Nutrition | No Comments

Many of you have enjoyed some fine seasonal cuisine recipes from me, and I wanted to share once again the Summer Breakfast Porridge from my Summer Solstice blog a few weeks back. Before you dive in, I want to remind you how our stomach is like a slow cooker and it takes energy to heat up foods if we choose cold foods. Cold foods apply to raw in addition to cold beverages, ice cream and piles of cold shrimp. I enjoy everything from the above but it’s important to know that if we eat too much raw food during the summer season, our bodies tend to become irritable as our warm cooker (aka our stomach) is busy wasting energy to heat the raw, cold foods we’ve consumed. So this is why I want to offer you the recipe for a great summer morning porridge that will nourish your Yang Qi…


Six pack abs or six pack of beer?

| Body401k Blog, Nutrition | 2 Comments

Which of the above is better for you? If you are my father, you will have already guessed correctly. The six pack of beer. WHAT?! “Angi. You teach health and now you’re promoting alcohol? My goodness. The scandal.” Oh have a drink and chill for a moment and let me explain the genius behind this subject, because you will walk away with a new perspective of those tight, lumpy, rock hard abs you think you desire. A few things to know about 6 Pack Abs… It depends upon your genetic make up Many people’s body types are not geared for that washboard abdominal ‘look’. There are quite a few people who are incredibly strong and yet their bodies do not highlight six pack abs. It’s misleading to think that this is the physical proof for being ‘fit’. But if you’re thinking “Angi. I WANT abs, I don’t care what my body type is, I…