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Chilled to the bone: Tip #4

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Chilled to the bone: Tip #4 For warming ways this winter- keep your tummy warm! Warm water bottle, keeping your mid-drift covered (just like mom always said!), is a great tool for generating that Yang Qi (warm Qi) to keep your immune system strong in the Yin season of winter! The kidneys house your ‘essence’ aka your Jing. Very important to keep the lower Dan Tien warm as you keep healthy this winter! -Angi

Chilled to the bone: Tips #3

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

CHILLED TO THE BONE TIP #3  How to keep your body warm during winter? Get your Zzzzzz’s! It’s so important to keep up on your sleep. Your body get to regenerate, and nourish Qi. Sleep keeps your immune system strong and energy up! Meaning: Blood Circulation + Qi Circulation = WARMTH! Finally, an excuse to sleep: Click To Tweet -Angi

CHILLED TO THE BONE TIP #2: Don’t eat the snow

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

Seriously.. don’t eat snow.. especially when it’s yellow! Haha!! That is one of my favorite Montana winter jokes my parents would say to me because I was ALWAYS eating the snow. I like it. Hey… don’t judge me, I won’t judge you because we ALL eat things during the winter that may need to be reconsidered…. Here’s a list of foods that are great for keeping your Gu Qi strong. (Your tummy is like a slow cooker which breaks down food to give you energy… so it’s kinda like tummy qi.) Warming spices: Cinnamon, Cardamon, Cloves, Ginger Warming vegetables: Root veggies like squash, gourds, potatoes. Winter greens like Kale & Collard Greens. Warming proteins *very important to keep a high protein diet during the winter, moves blood* : Chicken, Lamb, Venison, Black beans, Kidney beans. Warming teas: Ginger tea- put slices of ginger and boil in water then add honey. Um. YES…


| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

I hate being cold. Seriously. I quit ballet as a kid because the teacher wouldn’t let me keep my sweater on. Seriously… I’m from MONTANA, why would a 5 year old gladly dance in a leotard in the middle of winter?! I think that was my most earliest moment of realizing: ANGI NEEDS WARMTH!! Ironically enough I have lived in VERY cold places since Montana.. and though someday I’ll figure it out and move to the Islands…. I’ve got some fun and easy tips to keep you warm and healthy during the Winter months! WHY? “Why do I need change my habits during the winter?” TCM called winter the most Yin season of the year- this means GAME CHANGER! You want to nourish and preserve your Kidney Qi, otherwise you die. (Okay. Just trying to get your attention.) So while you won’t die, when your Kidney Qi has been exhausted, your immune system is…