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Do you condition your workout mentality?

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Body401k focuses on body longevity through traditional Chinese medicine and fitness; and while I love my TCM* talk (*traditional Chinese medicine), I adore talking about fitness and more importantly: INTERNAL FITNESS. Internal fitness is about conditioning the mind. Yup, in addition to conditioning your body, it’s vital that you condition your mentality. A strong mentality is the frame that structures how we will live our lives and how we overcome external influences. I believe that we have been overwhelmed with the external view point of fitness with noise like: “Look like this! Move like this! Be the ultimate you!” This perspective of health can cloud our mind. If we aspire towards someone ELSE’s body and someone ELSE’s workout routines, we don’t realize that we may be setting ourselves up for frustration, injury, and failure. We have our own bodies, and live with our own constitution. Through self-cultivation, we begin to learn WHO…


Why you need to move!

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Know that HEALTH doesn’t have be boring. It just takes a few minutes a day of being active! It’s so important to move and the statistics below show how valuable it is to get the ones you love active too! Find a fitness class you enjoy. Walk with a friend. Go for a hike in your area. Swim laps in your bathtub (you can get in quite a few laps!) Chase a chicken. Run and explore your neighborhood. Get a weekend workout group started. Dance to six of your favorite songs. Clean your house- it’s exercise AND proactive! -Angi


Spring Nutrition Time!

| Body401k Blog | No Comments

Yummy Spring Dish One lovely recipe I wanted to share with you this spring is a sweet rice dish that I just devour every spring season when asparagus and zucchini are in season. It’s still warming as this dish adds a hint of savory sweetness with coconut milk to nourish Spleen Qi. The parsley and radishes are a natural diuretic and help serve as a ‘detox’ food to help sooth inflammation in the body. INGREDIENTS 2-3 zucchinis, cut into thick quarter chunks 1 large bunch of asparagus, cut to equal lengths as zucchini and carrot quarters 3-4 carrots, cut into thick quarter chunks 1 scallion, cut 1 cup of sweet rice (or regular basmati rice, rinsed and cooked til done) 2 4oz. filets of salmon 1 can of coconut milk 1 half of lemon 1/4 cup fish sauce (or use soy sauce) 1/4 cup soy sauce Garnish: parsley (or cilantro) radish slices (optional) sesame seeds DIRECTIONS Prepare…

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Is stretching a waste of time?

| Body401k Blog | No Comments

Stretching- You’ve been doing it wrong all these years?! Reach for your Toes (the truth about stretching) Massage Tips for loosening the body Ever go to a yoga class thinking “I need to get more flexible’ but find yourself struggling to get out of a pretzel pose? Looking around you, you may see bendy people all around and you begin to feel brittle and old. Well here’s the reality of stretching. I’d be stretching the truth to say that stretching is equally beneficial for all people. How you stretch will be different for every person because it depends on body type. Some people have joints that allow more movement, when in fact their muscles aren’t getting ‘stretched’ at all. There are some VERY flexible people who’s muscles are extremely tight! So don’t think you’re the only one with right muscles. That said, there are some body types that have the…