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Top Ten Hits that will Move You Forever

| Body401k Blog, Self-care | No Comments

We will all age. But getting old is something that we can defy in our present moment. By taking actions now, you can maintain the body and mind as you prepare for age. It’s a mind game but the body can adapt and you never have to fear old age as a death sentence but rather a life journey. Age is a life journey. How far do you want to go? #move2move4eva #lifejourney Click To Tweet Let’s go over 10 important tips of how you can live a long, healthy, happy life through song titles! 1. IT’S NOW OR NEVER by Elvis Don’t wait. Embrace your now, live in the moment and make it beneficial for the future. People always think of old age and figure “I’ll have time later.” But later is too late! What you actions you make NOW in your life will benefit you as you age….


Falling Never Looked So Good

| Body401k Blog, Mindset, Movement | No Comments

I always worry about falling. As I mentioned last week, I have a scary history with stairs. If I had a clip sequence to show you all the near fatal stair misses… you would laugh. Or be terrified that I go down stairs at all. But falling is part of walking. It’s truly only natural. People fall all the time and perhaps because I am a constant ‘near miss’, I find falling hysterical. Take for example this clip. Wait til 00:12– I have seen this movie numerous time and bust out laughing every time Phillip Seymour Hoffman walks in. Now that I’ve found this clip, I have watched it an embarrassing number of time on repeat but take a moment for yourself. Oh I love it. But just like PSH, we have to ‘go with the fall’. Granted sometimes the fall can catch us by surprise and there is…


Binge Exercise | The undiscussed topic of excess in fitness

| Body401k Blog, Movement | No Comments

We talk about moderation when it comes to our daily diet. We can view this “moderation” as a negative ‘take away’ and that we’re always losing out. It’s a hard habit to swallow but slowly and sometimes reluctantly, our body begins to learn that we didn’t need a soda, extra order of fries, or that sugary treat. We train our brains to know that we are actually okay without it and after practice, our body SHOWS that we didn’t need the excess. We feel healthy and are confident in our food choices. But what about MODERATION in fitness? Exercise seems to be ALL ABOUT EXCESS. People parade their 20-hour run, 200 squats workout. People love that one minute on the clock “Push It” workout. How many push ups can you do in a minute? There really are no ‘rules’ about moderation when it comes to how long you can be…


Stressed Out Too Much? Learn How To Cope!

| Body401k Blog, Mindset | No Comments

Hey, no worries man. There’s no need to stress out,‘ so says the man whose ganja aroma has you contacting a body high. But to simply let go of stress, this is all easier said than done. People now-a-days have the tendency to freak out over mundane things. Back in the old days, a freak out would have saved your life.  Imagine yourself hanging out with your cave peeps, enjoying some pterodactyl wings when all of a sudden- SABER TOOTH TIGER ATTACK!! You freak out and your body immediately goes into effect. Eyes dilate, heart beats rapidly, your entire nervous system springs into fight or flight for survival. Flashing forward to today, we can create the same reaction in the body over trivial circumstances. Traffic is slow and you have just realized you left your important documents back at home and there’s no way you can turn around now. BARGH!…