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Allergies BLOWING You Away?

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

Aaaaaachooo! Sniff sniff. PHHHHhhhhhhhh! These are the noises that may either be the sound of allergies, or the mating call of the dodo bird. Which one is it? I wanted to dedicated a bloggie (a shortie blog) to all those experiencing seasonal allergies hoping that you can learn a way that may help you during this season of scratchy eyes and runny noses and even prepare you for next spring. It’s all in your head You just completed your 14th round of sneezing fits and it is only 11am. Your friend looks over to you and asks, “Don’t you think you might be overreacting?” Well… they are kind of right. Allergies is the biggest reaction your body can have during this season. The FDA rounded out that 36 million people experience spring time allergies. Puffy Faces Unite! Pollen spores from local trees, weeds and flowers are released in the spring air…

Spring back into health this season!

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Mindset, Movement, Nutrition | No Comments

New Season, New Beginnings. Hello all, and Happy Spring! Today celebrates the day of Spring Equinox, not only are we ready to get out of our Winter jackets, but we are ready for SUMMER!! But hold fast my eager bunnies…. for Spring is easily forgotten as LATE WINTER. We’re so ready for the beach time, flip flops, and barbecues that we forget that we need to adapt from the cold, dark winter months. There are four parts to this seasonal shift that I want to cover with you! Seasonal Mentality Seasonal Health Seasonal Movement Seasonal Nutrition Spring Mentality: As we get excited for Spring, our energy and mentality begins to burst in an upward motion. We’ve grown restless of the winter chill and it’s a time for new beginnings (and warm weather!) Spring is a time of rebirth and a time to get out and move. We’ve taken our time being wrapped…

Chilled to the bone: Tip #4

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

Chilled to the bone: Tip #4 For warming ways this winter- keep your tummy warm! Warm water bottle, keeping your mid-drift covered (just like mom always said!), is a great tool for generating that Yang Qi (warm Qi) to keep your immune system strong in the Yin season of winter! The kidneys house your ‘essence’ aka your Jing. Very important to keep the lower Dan Tien warm as you keep healthy this winter! -Angi

Chilled to the bone: Tips #3

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

CHILLED TO THE BONE TIP #3  How to keep your body warm during winter? Get your Zzzzzz’s! It’s so important to keep up on your sleep. Your body get to regenerate, and nourish Qi. Sleep keeps your immune system strong and energy up! Meaning: Blood Circulation + Qi Circulation = WARMTH! Finally, an excuse to sleep: Click To Tweet -Angi