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| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | No Comments

I hate being cold. Seriously. I quit ballet as a kid because the teacher wouldn’t let me keep my sweater on. Seriously… I’m from MONTANA, why would a 5 year old gladly dance in a leotard in the middle of winter?! I think that was my most earliest moment of realizing: ANGI NEEDS WARMTH!! Ironically enough I have lived in VERY cold places since Montana.. and though someday I’ll figure it out and move to the Islands…. I’ve got some fun and easy tips to keep you warm and healthy during the Winter months! WHY? “Why do I need change my habits during the winter?” TCM called winter the most Yin season of the year- this means GAME CHANGER! You want to nourish and preserve your Kidney Qi, otherwise you die. (Okay. Just trying to get your attention.) So while you won’t die, when your Kidney Qi has been exhausted, your immune system is…

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Awareness can save your life!

| Body401k Blog, Mindset | No Comments

Ignorance is bliss. Or so the saying goes. There certainly is an element about ignorance that can leave you less stressed, less occupied and more apt to feel at ease. But imagine you had food in your teeth, wouldn’t you want someone to tell warn you? Bruce Lipton said that “Knowledge is Power, the more awareness you have the more ability you have at survive and succeed.” The same truth is that lack of knowledge results in a lack of power. Awareness is empowering. “Make Your Mind Aware” I always say. Why do we want to be empowered? So that we can have a handle on our futures. I suppose it is beneficial to be-in-the-know when we have the ability to maintain, manage, change, improve, or suppose the situation. When it comes to your health, you do! This is what is so exciting and frustrating at the same time. This…


What does sex mean to you as we age?

| Body401k Blog, Movement | 2 Comments

Some of you may have immediately answered “huh, NO thanks.” Some of you may have made a similar face… For many of you, those days are long gone and many have signed off from sex with a “good riddance” and a bon adieu. But there was a moment of interest, come on- admit it! The topic of sex catches the attention of most as we either run towards or away from the discussion. Sure sure, sex demonstrates vitality and youth. Blah blah. We all have our relationship with sex and without getting into this interesting topic too much (let’s save that for another blog), I don’t want to address the act of sex as something we need to acquire as we age. This is not what I’m implying. Instead it’s understanding that it’s the physical ability of being able to have sex that can serve as an intersting check in…

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Breath of Life | 3 Ways to breathe better

| Body401k Blog, Chinese Medicine, Self-care | 2 Comments

Hold your breath for about 2 minutes. Seriously. If you calm your heart and stop freaking out about delayed brain activity, you can do it. Or can you? Actually the real question is should you, it’s hard to do because we need to breathe. But what if I told you that we haven’t been breathing properly for a while. Nope. Basically the last time you took a good breath was when you were blowing out your 8 year old candles on your birthday cake. Okay, I can’t gauge the EXACT date you started slacking on your breating but I bet it has been for quite some time. Babies breath well. Those who meditate breathe well. Singers breathe well. Athletes are trained to breathe well…. so what about the rest of us? What are we doing that is taking our breath away? This is about to take your breath away……